Heat Moldable Insoles
Heat moldable insoles are truly a blessing to anyone that would like personalized orthotics; utilizing warmth to shape to the unique sinews of your foot, it delivers the same benefits of a custom insert at a fraction of the cost! To perfectly fit your new moldable shoe insole to your one-of-a-kind shape, simply heat up the orthotic in the toaster. When the inserts start to cool, step into them until it begins to cast around your foot. For additional structure, simply use your fingers to push up on the arch while the moldable insole is still cooling. The result is a custom shoe insert that is your sole's companion; it will support your arches day after day and cradle the bottoms of your feet to absorb shock. No longer will you have to curtail your activities due to the pains of flat feet, plantar fasciitis, foot fatigue and more. Browse the many possibilities offered by brands like Spenco, SOLE, Archmolds and more, and find some of the best online discounts on heat moldable insoles at Orthotic Shop.
Heat moldable insoles provide superior orthotic support that is normally reserved for custom made inserts, yet are affordably priced to fit anyone’s budget. You can slip these podiatric aids into all of your shoes and slippers to ensure that your feet receive relief around the clock. Heat moldable insoles are easy to activate – simply place them in a toaster and place your foot on the warm insoles immediately after to cast the cushion around your unique foot. Heat moldable orthotics help with a number of painful conditions such as flat feet, plantar facilities and foot fatigue, and can prevent the onslaught of health problems that often accompany these ailments.