Back and/or rib injuries can be some of the most frustrating to endure because the unwavering discomfort often seems endless. Fortunately, Orthotic Shop stocks a number of assistive products that will help provide the back pain relief you need. We carry products like back braces and support belts to best fit your condition and put you on the proper road to recovery. Most of our devices are made by Ossur and include Gel Therapy Pads for an additional layer of assistance. Trust Orthotic Shop to help with your back or rib injury and you’ll notice remarkable relief.
Back conditions are painful and difficult to deal with and, unfortunately, such ailments and injuries can be the mainspring for additional health problems. Find comfort for your entire body by wearing back and rib braces for relief. Recommended for strains, sprains, disc and arthritic conditions, the custom fit and pressure of the product will improve posture and alignment, as well as relieve pain and spasms. Most of these back support braces include gel therapy pads for heat and coolness to provide extra comfort and relief. For your convenience and discretion, these lower back braces and rib belts can fit underneath clothing without those about you being any the wiser. Improve your stature and de-stress your back with one of these professional braces!