Diabetic Socks

Diabetic Socks

Only people who suffer from diabetes know what it feels like to have lost skin sensitivity so badly that when a sore spot is finally unveiled, it is completely blistered and sometimes even too late to treat lightly.

Whereas the average citizen finds it commonplace to shop around for footwear and make their choices based on fashion or personal tastes, the diabetic patient must spend hours looking for health-friendly alternatives that will help them improve their daily lives. Not any ordinary shoe or garment is fit for everyday wear when so much is at stake.

Since diabetic patients are in permanent risk of developing unwanted symptoms and further issues stemming from their initial condition, it is imperative that additional care is taken when it comes to preventing any sort of skin injury. Luckily, years of medical and technical research have contributed to the creation of specialized socks that have been designed to prevent many of the most serious health concerns raised by the diabetic patient and their physicians.

What are Diabetic Socks?

Socks for diabetes are special types of socks that have been designed to prevent the risk of blistering or even reddening in those areas where seams or hardened parts can have a negative effect on the already oversensitive skin. In order to be considered diabetic-friendly, a pair of socks should feature these qualities:

Seamless: A Good Beginning

Many times, blisters on people’s soles or toes are caused by the friction resulting from daily wear and a protruding seam. Similarly, certain sewing patterns can be responsible for the creation of chronic blistering or hardened spots that later on become swollen or even infected when left unattended, thus the need for a non-binding sock.

Seamfree socks are vital in order to prevent blistering from happening. Not only do these garments feel more comfortable, but also help to cut down the risk of an infection taking place on the patient’s skin.

 Thermo-regulation: Prevention First

Once again, the matter of whether comfort is at stake or not is not as relevant as other health concerns. One of the main reasons that account for this essential temperature control feature is that diabetics must avoid at all cost going around with sweaty feet that are the optimal cultivating ground for additional fungus infections.

This means that blisters are certainly not the only foe to be dealt with in this battle toward foot health; a fungal infection can eventually lead to multiple ulcers that in turn, are hard to treat and get rid of for a diabetic patient.

Similarly, in order to ensure proper circulation, people with diabetes must make sure that their feet get too cold because this can also contribute to making circulation even slower and eventually lead to more serious infections that may eventually end in amputations.

In all, keeping feet warm in wintry weather is as relevant as keeping feet dry and sweat-free in the summer. When people feel too cold in their feet, they are tempted to wear two pairs of socks. Nonetheless, this practice can be detrimental to foot comfort –two socks are often bulky and are the cause for postural vices that can worsen the overall condition.

Diabetic Socks that Heal

Due to the latest technological advances in material development, designers in the field of orthotics have come up with several materials that do a lot more than just prevent. New synthetic yarns, which have been specially designed for medical care, are now being used to make socks for diabetes. This material accelerates the healing process, relieves pain, and improves sleep, among other benefits.

In all, since socks for diabetes have been made to take away much of the stress related to prevention and treatment of the diabetic foot, they present numerous life-saving benefits.

It is recommended to always wear \"diabetic socks\", seamless socks, compression stockings, or nylons with your shoes to help avoid the possibility of blisters and sores developing.

The diabetic socks featured above are made of materials that wick moisture away from your feet, absorb shock and some feature copper infused yarn. Aetrex Copper Socks made of these materials help keep your feet dry and promote healing.

The copper ions infused into the yarn prevent bacteria and fungi from growing in the sock, creating a clean, fresh environment that controls odor. Additionally, the copper has been shown to provide healing benefits: rejuvenating your skin and improving its appearance & texture. Copper infused socks are the way to go for diabetics seeking a healthy sock. Read more about the Benefits of Aetrex Copper Socks.