Popular Diabetic Shoes
Diabetes can cause numerous foot problems including weak blood circulation and neuropathy. Neuropathy affects one's ability to feel pain, so if a diabetic were to receive a cut on their foot, they may not feel it and the injury could easily become more severe. With this in mind, diabetic shoes for women are often recommended to females with this disease because they offer the unique ability to support the foot and provide excess room for enhanced blood flow.

At Orthotic Shop, we know it's not easy living with diabetes, so we carry a vast selection of women's diabetic shoes to ease the pain and your mind. You'll find footwear available in many different styles, from a number of top wellness brands: walking and athletic shoes, mary-jane style, slip-ons, women's diabetic dress shoes and many more. Most of the pieces below are available in multiple widths and feature removable insoles, so you can easily insert a personalized custom orthotic at your leisure. Find the ultimate pair of diabetic shoes for you with Orthotic Shop!
Orthotic Shop has established itself as one of the top online resources for buying diabetic shoes for women. Our footwear hails from prolific health brands, including Propet, Apex and Mt. Emey. No matter whether your choice for women’s diabetic shoes is styled as a slipper or sneaker, you’ll receive the benefits of enhanced blood flow; additional padding to reduce shock; and additional space for specialized insoles. The ingenious design of these diabetic shoes for women will lessen pain-inducing symptoms, including numbness, tingling or burning, sensitivity and weakness. What’s more, we appreciate the need for style! These diabetic shoe designs bring women colorful options and thoughtful details across the vamp. Browse online with Orthotic Shop to find the specific diabetic footwear to improve your health and happiness.