Morton's Neuroma

Morton’s Neuroma is a condition where the tissue surrounding the nerves in your foot thickens, which can cause additional sensitivity to pain. Poorly fitted shoes, or high heels and other formalwear that features a tapered toe box can cause the irritation that leads to this condition. Symptoms commonly include a pain in the ball of your foot, or the feeling that there is a small pebble stuck in your shoe. Luckily for you, Orthotic Shop offers Morton Neuroma pads and products that will relieve the aching without asking you to spend exuberantly.

If you think you’re suffering from Morton’s Neuroma, it’s important to have it looked at by a podiatrist, since untreated irritation can lead to permanent nerve damage. During such examinations, doctors may squeeze the toes to gauge sensitivity, as well as the presence of an audible click. This may be followed by x-rays or MRI scans. Following this, you will most likely be recommended to purchase Morton’s Neuroma pads, orthotics or other relief products that will redistribute pressure away from the lesion. Furthermore, you may be asked to steer clear of tight footwear, as well as sport an elastic sleeve that will reduce pressure and provide extra cushioning. With proper treatment of the Morton Neuroma pads and orthotic products, you should be completely recovered within a few months, though severe cases may need surgery. To begin your journey to orthotic wellness, check out the Morton Neuroma pads and relief products sold through Orthotic Shop!

  • Firstly, the podiatrist will diagnose the condition. History of the condition, clinical presentation and your description of the problem may be sufficient.
  • The podiatrist may squeeze the area between the bases of the toes. The area may be sensitive and an audible click may be present. This click is the neuroma pushing between the bones and is often referred to as a mulders click.
  • X-rays may be necessary of the foot. This may rule out a stress fracture of the foot.
  • You may be referred for a MRI scan, this will enable the chiropodist to see the neuroma.
  • Various types of pads can be used to redistribute pressure away from the lesion.
  • Orthotics (insoles) may be prescribed to redistribute pressure away from the neuroma.
  • The chiropodist may advise your General Practitioner to inject inflammatory medicine into the neuroma.
  • Appropriate shoes may be recommended.
  • A decrease in symptoms may occur instantaneously, with a complete recovery in a few months. However, the patient may need to use insoles to prevent a further reoccurrence.
  • In severe cases, surgery may be necessary. Removal of part of the nerve may be preformed.
  • An elastic sleeve below would slip onto your forefoot to reduce pressure and provide extra cushioning protection. If you suffer from Morton's neuroma, the extra soft and breathable silicone pad offers you tremendous relief.

Morton’s Neuroma, sometimes referred to intermetatarsal neuroma, is a thickening of the nerves located between the metatarsal bones in the ball of your foot. Ill-fitting footwear, high heels or narrow toe trendy shoes can cause the nerve to become irritated, the surrounding tissue thickening which causes pain in the ball of your foot. Good news is that this condition is not permanent; with the right Morton’s Neuroma pads, sleeves and relief products, full recovery can occur within a few short months. Orthotic Shop offers a full array of Morton’s Neuroma pads and products, hailing from respected brands like CS6, Cluffy and more. These discrete aids will healthily lessen pressure on the troubled spots, yet don’t offer lightweight designs that won’t encumber your movement. Explore our online store to find multiple sizes and colors of Morton Neuroma relief products.