Custom Orthotics

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Dive into the world of tailor-made comfort with our custom orthotics, meticulously crafted to fit the unique contours of your feet. The journey to unparalleled support begins with our easy-to-use impression kit, sent directly to your home. This kit is your first step towards creating a precise mold of your feet, capturing every curve and arch with accuracy. Once we receive your impression, one of our specialized orthotics labs takes over, utilizing cutting-edge technology to scan your mold and craft an orthotic insert that aligns perfectly with your selected options.

Our collection of custom orthotics is diverse, designed to accommodate any footwear need. Whether you're sliding into narrow shoes, strapping on ski boots, or stepping into sleek dress shoes, we have the perfect fit. Choose one of our dress orthotics for those finer occasions.

At the heart of our custom insoles are the renowned technologies of Amfit and ORTHOS, ensuring quality and precision in every step. Unsure which orthotic insole is right for you? View our selection below to get started or reach out through our contact form for personalized assistance. Let us help you find the perfect blend of comfort and support.

Orthotic Adjustments

If your health care provider suggests special adjustments for your orthotics, please order one of the ORTHOS custom orthotics. We can not make any adjustments to the Archcrafters custom insoles. There is space to specify the adjustments desired on the questionnaire we send with the orthotics impression kit.

Want Additional Pairs of Orthotics?

If you already bought orthotics from us and want to get more, add the item with the ReOrder icon to get additional custom orthotics. Great option for putting custom insoles in different shoes.

Step into a world of unparalleled foot comfort with the Orthotic Shop, your premier destination for custom orthotics online. Elevate your podiatric health with esteemed brands like Arch Crafters and ORTHOS Footwear, all available at prices that respect your budget. Our unique approach to crafting your perfect insole begins the moment you place an order. We dispatch an impression kit directly to your doorstep, ensuring a tailor-made fit that captures the exact dimensions and contours of your feet. These bespoke insoles are not just about alleviating foot discomfort; they're a proactive measure against a spectrum of stride and posture-related concerns. Embrace a future where every step is supported. Make the wise choice for your wellbeing and order your custom orthotics from us today.