When dealing with certain foot conditions – whether a sprain, break, tear or structural disorder – one of the most effective ways to treat pain is through a foot brace or splint. For example, those suffering from Plantar Fasciitis benefit from a night splint by Ossur, while AFO braces are extremely helpful in reducing discomfort caused by Drop Foot. For much-needed bunion relief, we recommend trying one of our bunion-specific splints to help alleviate the woe. When ordering a new brace, AFO or walking boot from Orthotic Shop, you won’t be charged for shipping and you’ll receive a full refund if for any reason you become dissatisfied!
Many common foot injuries can be treated with a podiatric brace or splint, which is why Orthotic Shop brings its loyal customers a host of products for drop foot, plantar facilities, bunions and more. Whether you’ve sprained, broken or tore a muscle, these foot braces and splints can alleviate much of the pain that unexpectedly accompanies modest activities like walking. Plus, some of these AFO products can even be worn at night for extra protection and healing abilities. Rest assured, pioneering names like Ossur, Spenco and Ovation back up each and every one of their foot braces and splints with extensive research into what subtle nuances will relieve strain and pressure to ultimately accelerate healing while regulating sharp aches. Keep your foot stable and comfortable in one of these foot braces or splints, available to be shipped conveniently to your home.