For many foot conditions, especially plantar fasciitis, it is recommended that a splint be worn during periods of rest to give tendons a mild stretch. Orthotic Shop carries premium night splints to refresh your feet and prepare them for the day ahead. Within our fine selection you’ll discover plantar fasciitis night splints and other braces for unparalleled heel pain relief. If you’re feet are constantly bothering you, especially in the morning, then a new night splint from Orthotic Shop may hold the pain relief you need.
Doctors recommend patients with severe plantar fasciitis to wear a night splint. Utilizing this health product while sleeping provides the tendons with a mild stretch while you rest, and refresh your feet for the following day. Orthotic Shop offers night splints in different styles and prices to fit every person’s individual podiatric needs and budget. Sleep splints can also help those with Achilles tendonitis and drop foot injuries by providing a structured support. To prevent feet from bothering you in the morning, invest in a supportive splints for night to feel the difference right away!