For those that suffer from carpal tunnel, you’re all too familiar with those numb, tingly feelings throughout your arm. Fortunately, Orthotic Shop carries several products that are sure to provide carpal tunnel relief when you need it most. For instance, leading wellness brand Ossur makes an exceptional, innovative Exoform carpel tunnel brace that you can wear anywhere, any time. If you are dealing with another type of lower arm injury, we have thumb splints, forearm and wrist braces for unencumbered wrist support that will aid in a speedy recovery!
To provide aid in wrist conditions and injuries, Orthotic Shop is offering top quality braces for individuals needing extra support. After all, a painful condition like carpal tunnel can be debilitating for those who need to continuously use their hands throughout the day. By wearing the proper wrist brace, and specifically a carpal tunnel support aid, an individual will be able to experience controlled resistance with extreme range of motion. Our wrist support aids are available for mild to moderate injuries from industry forerunner Ossur, and utilizes cutting-edge technology to mold to your specific shape and regulate temperature for the ideal healing environment. Buy today from Orthotic Shop to give your wrist the healthy structure it needs to begin the road to recovery.