Supination Insoles

Supination occurs when someone strikes the ground first with the inside of the foot to cause an uneven distribution of weight. As a result, under-pronation occurs as the foot fails to lean inward enough during movement, putting abnormal pressure on the smaller toes. Fortunately, for those who suffer from this condition, Orthotic Shop carries several supination insoles that have been uniquely designed and developed by footwear professionals to help alleviate some of the pain and promote a healthier, more confident stride. For more severe cases, we recommend purchasing a custom supination insole that will mold to the exact shape of your foot and help manage your unique alignment problems. All of our custom orthotics can be found here.

Supinating Foot

Since supination can lead to painful injuries, it is important that individuals take the proper measures to maintain their podiatric wellbeing. Orthotic Shop provides premade and custom orthotics for supination that will lessen the unpleasant pressure on the outside of the foot, as well as help correct the unnatural rolling of the foot. These insoles for underpronation incorporate quality cushioning like PolySorb® polyurethane foam; the renowned SpenCore Forefoot Crash pad; and even air injected materials in order to provide your foot with the support it needs for long-term relief. What’s more, the orthotic inserts for supination come in a variety of lengths to best address your individual needs. Correct your underpronation today to feel great with the help of Orthotic Shop!