Whether you're an elite athlete or everyday worker suffering from a nagging upper or lower body injury, Orthotic Shop's collection of Ossur slings, braces and splints has what you need for proper recovery. For those dealing with a foot condition such as drop foot or plantar fasciitis, an AFO brace or Night splint, respectively, could be the most effective relief option. However, we also have a wide variety of technologically advanced supports for ankles, knees, shoulders, elbows, wrists and more. Please refer to your doctor to find out the proper treatment method for your personal condition, and invest in your wellbeing with quality braces and splints from Ossur.

Whether you’re an athelete training for a major competition or simply an Average Joe looking to get into shape, Orthotic Shop offers the foot braces, splints and slings to help you combat aches and pains. From AFO braces to manage drop foot to night splints to deal with plantar fasciitis, we offer a variety of advances supports for everyday injuries. Our health products hail from Ossur, BackJoy and more, guarenteeing that you\'ll be receiving unbeatable quality.

Even though we offer one of the Internet’s largest selections of orthotic footwear and accessories, we know that your feet are just part of the complex machine that makes up your body. This is why we stock braces for lower and upper body injuries in addition to ones specifically for your feet. Get back on the track with braces and splints from Orthotic Shop!