After a long day of work, there’s no better feeling than sliding into a pair of comfortable house slippers. At Orthotic Shop, we carry a wide array of women’s orthopedic slippers that both feel incredibly cozy around the home and relieve plantar fasciitis and over-pronation pain. As a dedication to your well being, we only offer premium slippers with arch support to help realign the muscles, bones and tendons in your foot. Your feet will thank you when you treat yourself to a new pair of cozily plush footwear from the Orthotic Shop!
Sunday mornings and returning from work are the best time to put on some orthotic slippers for women. Orthotic Shop offers a huge selection of styles and prices for those looking to get super comfortable and keep their feet aligned too. Most women’s slippers lack support for the foot, causing unnecessary pressure on the ball and heel. With a selection of faux sheepskin and fur, and wool, you will find never ending comfort in these women’s orthotic slippers. Keep your toes warm and feet supported!