ORTHOS Custom Made Orthotic Shoe Insoles for Active Footwear

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The ORTHOS Custom Arch Supports come in a wide variety of types to provide a solid foundation for yout feet.? Review the option choices below and make your selection! If you are having a hard time trying to figure out which orhotic type to get, try the Sports Orthotics with Foam. It is a very accomodating orthotic. ORTHOS Orthotics are proudly made in the USA.

Order Fulfillment Process / Delivery Time

  1. You order the arch supports.
  2. We ship you the materials to create an impression of your foot (instructions, impression kit, questionnaire, return shipping label).
  3. You fill out the questionnaire and follow the instructions to create impressions of your feet.
  4. Make a trace of your shoe's insoles, old orthotics, or foot on the back of the questionnaire so can determine the length and width for your new pair.
  5. You seal the impression kit with provided shipping tape & affix the provided return postage label to the box.
  6. You then hand the impression kit to your local postman or post office.
  7. We receive the impression of your feet.
  8. The orthotics lab creates the finished orthotics.
  9. Finally, the orthotics are shipped to you.

Delivery of orthotics usually takes 10-14 days after getting the foam impression kit back from you.

Orthotic Material

The orthotic shell is individually machined out our unique "Betterform Plastics" and carry a lifetime guarantee against breakage and memory loss. Each finished insole is hand sanded to fit into the desired shoe. Orthotic coverings carry a six month guarantee and can easily be reworked.

ORTHOS Custom Orthotic Types

Sports-Orthotics Orthotic with extrinsic rear foot and intrinsic fore foot posts. Meets the needs of the active individual. Suitable for arch or heel pain, plantar fasciitis, pronation, and provides great support and stability.
Sports Orthotics with Foam* Same as the Sports-Orthotics, but with a foam layer added between the orthotic and the top cover for added cushioning. *This is the most popular selection!
Sports-Impact Same as the Sports-Orthotics, but with a reinforced arch for increased support and shock-absorption for those with a more active lifestyle.
Active Orthotics Orthotic with intrinsic fore foot and rear foot posts. Meets the needs of the active person while adapting to a variety of shoe styles. Suitable for heel pain, arch fatigue, plantar fasciitis, neuromas and pronation.
Active Plus Orthotics Same as Active with the addition of shock absorbing foam.
Dress Shoe Orthotics Orthotic with intrinsic fore foot and rear foot posts. Suitable for dress shoes (flats or pumps). Helpful for people with bunions, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, neuroma and pronation.
Golden Orthotics Heel-to-Toe Accomodative flexible shell with EBA foam filler and foam top cover for comfort shock absorbing and control. Great for helping with bunions, arthritis, plantar lesions and heel spurs. This version includes 1/8 inch shopck absorping foam from the heel area to the toes for added cushioning/comfort.

Orthotic Top Covers

Vinyl Advanced non-woven synthetic fabric with non-wicking action for protection against moisture buildup. An excellent choice for ski boots and casual footwear. 1mm
Neoprene Best for shock absorption and reducing friction while improving overall foot comfort. Popular for athletics, but great in all shoes. 2mm thick.
Leather Offers a high level of air permeability and absorbability,keeping feet dry and hygienic. 1.5mm.
Suede Beautiful finish for style and comfort, a leather cover with a light tan textured suede nap. Excellent for casual wear. 1mm

Foot Sizes

The impression kit accommodates feet up to 13.5 inches long and 5.5 inches wide.

Orthotics Adjustments

Additional adjustments can be made to your orthotics, for instance if you received a prescription from a podiatrist or some other foot care specialist we can take that information into consideration. Simply put that information on the order form we send out to you with the impression kit.

Metatarsal Pads

Metatarsal pads provide extra cushioning at the ball-of-the-foot, helps eliminate pain, improves spring action of foot, and also helps treat Morton's Neuroma. Ball-of-foot pain is most pronounced when walking or engaging in sports. Since the foot supports the body in all its activities, chronic ball-of-foot pain impacts the ability to perform ordinary tasks. If you experience pain when participating in activities where impact is applied to the foot, such as running, you may want to wear a metatarsal pad to help ease your pain. There is a spot on the order form that we send with the impression kit where you can specify if you want a metatarsal pad.

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