GSA Hydro+ Low Cut Ultralight Men's Socks - 6 pairs

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GSA Hydro[+] Sweat Wicking Sustainable Yarn | Made from Renewable & Recycled Materials | Compression Structured for Supportive Comfort | Long-Lasting Durability | Low Cut Ultralight Men's Performance Socks. Our GSAHYDRO[+] recycled & high-performance line, features high-quality fibers that allows the athlete to train, feeling unbeatable comfort, experiencing great fit for advanced performance and better results. They absorb the sweat that is generated during a workout & release it away from the skin, by facilitating air circulation.

Features & Benefits of the GSA Hydro+ Low Cut Ultralight Men's Socks

  • Recycled Materials: reliable and durable GSAHYDRO[+] fabric made with recycled, sweat-wicking and moisture regulating fibers.
  • Compression: targeted, zoned arch support for high pressure areas along with a raised heel and front tab, for enhanced stability and ultimate protection.
  • Ultralight feel: made of durable fibers that ensure breathability and control temperature for a cool and dry feel.
  • Long-Lasting Durability: high-quality fibers last longer, allowing you to train with these socks for years to come without them losing their fit.
  • Multi-purpose: stock-up with these high performance, eco-friendly, sustainable socks designed for everyday wear ? indoor or outdoor.
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