Vionic Relief Unisex 3/4 Length Orthotic Insole

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Vionic Relief Unisex 3/4 Length Orthotic Insole. The deep heel cup in these orthotics provide everyday support, whether you're on a casual hike with friends or off to a full day at work. Great for tight fitting shoes or shoes that do not have a removable insole.

Features & Benefits of the Vionic Relief Unisex 3/4 Length Orthotic Insole

  • Podiatrist-designed as a cost-effective alternative to custom-made orthotics.
  • Vionic orthotics offer a convenient, pain-free "natural healing" solution for many of the common aches and pains associated with poor lower limb alignment.
  • Clinically proven to reduce excess pronation, a contributing factor to "flat feet."
  • Designed for everyday use: walking, commuting, casual/light hiking.
  • Features biomechanical Tri-Planar Motion control to help stabilize, support and realign the feet back to their natural (neutral) position.
  • Lightweight, medium-density molded EVA base for maximum support and superior comfort; deep heel cup to maintain correct foot positioning.
  • Features heel pad for increased shock absorption and energy return through heel strike phase.
  • EcoFresh anti bacterial odor absorbing cover.
  • For footwear with removable factory insoles, we recommend removing factory insoles before fitting your Vionic orthotics.
  • For best results, it is recommended that you replace your orthotics every 12 months.
  • Ideal for flat- or low-heeled shoes without removable insoles.
  • If added rear-foot stability is what you need most, the deep heel cup of RELIEF 3/4 will do the full job, weekday through weekend.
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