Strive Comfort Replacement Orthotic Insoles - Leather Arch Supports

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Price: $37.95
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The Strive Comfort insole allows you to get the Strive comfort and support in shoes other than Strive, this leather orthotic insole is contoured to fit the natural shape of the foot providing lasting support and comfort. Recommended by Podiatrists, these orthotic insoles can help relieve common aches and pains such as plantar fasciitis, fallen arches, ball of foot pain, shin splints, knee pain and lower back pain. For use in other shoes, the original insole will need to be removed and replaced with the Strive comfort insole. These insoles feature a natural leather sock for comfort.

Features of Strive Active Replacement Orthotic Insoles

  • Can help improve posture and common aches and pains
  • Disperses pressure and reduces excessive arch collapse
  • Leather lined for comfort
  • Designed to be used in sports footwear
  • Original insoles will need to be removed prior to placing the Strive insoles in your current footwear
  • Strive recommend wearing footwear in gradually to get used to the support that may be different to your current footwear, they advise wearing the insoles for an hour on the first day, two on the second and three hours on the third day to help your feet get used to the additional support.
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