Silipos Slim Gel-Fit Bunion Sleeve

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This bunion care gel sleeve utilizes an advanced polymer gel formula to shield bunions from abrasion and pressure. The Bunion Care Sleeve is an elastic sleeve designed to position and hold a heart shaped polymer gel pad over the bunion joint. 

Cradle and Protect Painful, Sensitive Bunions. Developed by a prominent footcare physician, Silipos Slim-Gel Fit Bunion Sleeve's anatomical design protects the entire painful and sensitive bony protrusion of the forefoot. The slim design allows it to be used in all types of shoes.

Features & Benefits of the Silipos Slim-Gel Fit Bunion Sleeve:
  • Elastic bunion sleeve with the gel pad incorporated inside two layers of a comfortable and conforming fabric
  • The covered gel pad shields the painful and sensitive bony protrusion of the forefoot
  • Product helps relieve shoe pressure, friction, and shear forces on the bunion
  • May also be worn on the hand to protect the thumb (thenar eminence) from discomfort during gripping activities
  • Product’s design is thin and compact making it perfect for everyday useand fit with most dress, casual, or athletic shoes and underneath hosiery
Small: W5-10, M6-9 - SIL1110
Medium: W10.5 M10-12 - SIL1111
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