Pedag VIVA Mini 3/4 Length Leather Orthotic Insole

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Pedag Viva Mini 3/4 Length Leather Orthotic Insole

Pedag Viva Mini Orthotic Insoles The PPedag Viva Mini Orthotic Insoles are a 3/4-length- semi-rigid orthotic arch support insole for low to medium arch types. They are constructed with a vegetable tanned leather top cover to help absorb moisture- with an active bacteria killing carbon filter and anti-bacterial treatment- these insoles will help to prevent odors and maintain freshness. Their thin design allows a comfortable fit in almost any tight-fitting shoe or boot with a cushioned heel plug to provide shock absorption on heel strike. This orthotic gently shapes your foot to insure proper longitudinal and forefoot arch functions- as well provides a shock absorbing cushioned heel plug- providing you the support that you need. Product Features: Semi-rigid orthotic arch support 3/4-length footbed Sturdy semi-rigid arch support bridge for the longitudinal arch plus a metatarsal pad for the forefoot Prevents load fatigue and minimizes pressure points

Features and Benefits of the Pedag Viva Mini 3/4 Length Leather Orthotic Insole

  • Allows the foot to regain and maintain an anatomically correct position.
  • Prime quality vegetable tanned leather lets the foot breathe.
  • Relieves tired feet, complete arch support when standing and moving.
  • Recommended for people with forefoot pain because it takes up no space in the toe box area of shoes and boots
  • Includes one pair - one insole per foot
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