Pedag ENERGY Sportsline Orthotic Insoles

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Pedag Energy Sportsline Orthotic Insoles

We use our feet every day to walk- run- and stand. For athletes- protecting your feet is crucial to preventing injury and supporting your entire body during training and performance. Pedag ENERGY is the endurance insole for increased performance. Its state-of-the-art German engineering features zonal foot support to protect the feet and joints by absorbing and dissipating impact shock. Itus perfect for jogging- Nordic walking- skiing- golf- cycling- team sports- and any other activity that demands superior support and joint protection. Different parts of your foot need different kinds of support. The Pedag ENERGY insole includes a flexible big toe area that reduces torque- and a diagonal bridge across the center that supports the footus natural rolling motion. Pressure sores are a problem for athletes- which is why weuve included a padded metatarsal zone and lateral arch supports- which also relieve the base of the fifth midfoot bone. Weuve paid special attention to the heel- which absorbs a lot of impacts. Multiple uncoupled heel paddings give you isolated power bursts- and heel-balcony support stabilizes the lower ankle. A special cushion by the heel cup rounds out the support. Finally- middle material density throughout offers just the right amount of ugive.u Each of the four layers of the Pedag ENERGY is made of high-tech sports fabric. This functional fiber provides excellent grip- transports humidity for a dry fit- and supports good foot hygiene. The first layer is made of dry-climate- anti-pilling- non-slip fabric- and the second layer provides shock absorption. The third and fourth layers compose our advanced support and stabilization system. For extended use- we made Pedag ENERGY washable: so you donut have to worry about dirt and sweat getting in the way of a perfect workout. Just remove the ENERGY insole- hand wash- and air dry. We recommend replacing insoles every 6-12 months.

Features and Benefits of the Pedag Energy Sportsline Orthotic Insoles

  • INCREASED ENDURANCE: Pedag ENERGY protects your feet and joints by absorbing and dissipating impact shock for improved stability and endurance. Whatever your sport- ENERGY is the high-performance sports insole you need.
  • GERMAN TECHNOLOGY: Advanced engineering uses high-tech fabric made from functional fibers to provide an excellent grip in your athletic shoes. Four layers of anti-pilling and non-slip fabric provide tailored shock absorption and stabilization.
  • WASHABLE SPORTS INSOLES: uHigh performanceu means that you need your sports gear to perform day-in and day-out. Pedag ENERGY insoles are easily removed from your athletic shoes or sneakers and can be hand washed- air dried- and reinserted.
  • MULTIPLE SPORTS: These insoles are great for endurance sports like jogging- skiing- tennis- basketball- cycling- Nordic walking- and team sports. Use them during training and performance alike for ideal comfort- joint support- and injury prevention.
  • Includes one pair - one insole per foot
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