Ossur Form Fit Ankle with Speedlace Brace

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The Form Fit Ankle Brace with Speedlace provides stability and protection for the ankle – whether used prophylactically, for chronic instability or following an injury. Made from durable materials, its low profile, quick-lace design is comfortable and fits easily into shoes. Removable semi-rigid stays provide additional support and the Figure 8 straps are designed for inversion/eversion control.

Features of the Ossur Form Fit Speedlace Ankle Brace

  • Update to the Ossur Gameday Ankle brace.
  • Durable materials.
  • Quick-pull closure straps
  • Removable Stays
  • Figure-8 straps mimic athletic taping to support inversion/eversion.
The FormFit Ankle Brace is indicated to support chronic ankle instability and for ankle rehabilitation for Grade I or II sprains.

Ossur Gameday Ankel Brace Sizing
Model Size Ankle Circumference  
W-10601 XXSmall 9-10"  W-10621
W-10602 XSmall 10-11"  W-10622
W-10603 Small 11-12"  W-10623
W-10605 Medium 12-13"  W-10625
W-10607 Large 13-14"  W-10627
W-10608 XLarge 14-15"  W-10628
W-10609 XXLarge 15-16"  W-10629
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