Ossur Airform Inflatable Ankle Stirrup - Brace

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The Ossur AirForm Universal Inflatable Stirrup Ankle Brace dramatically increases stability without the rolling and swaying experienced in other stirrups.

Apply to achieve the following:
  • Stabilize ankle
  • Prevent inversion & eversion
  • Decrease anti-inflammatory medications
  • Decrease pain symptoms
  • Provide ankle immobilization following injury
  • Reduce swelling

Features of the Ossur Airform Inflatable Ankle Stirrup - Brace
  • Available in Adult or Youth Sizes
  • Pivoting Heel Straps increase comfort and allow for full Dorsal and Plantar Flexion Range of Motion.
  • Inflatable air bladders allow the patient and/or care giver to adjust the level of compression that leads to reduction in swelling 
  • Easy to adjust and apply Designed specifically to fit left or right ankles.
  • Patented "Flex edges" surround the rigid plastic delivering more support and comfort compared to other rigid stirrups. 
80201 - Adult - Right
80200 - Adult - Left
70201 - Youth - Right
70200 - Youth - Left
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