Orthotics and insoles slide easily into a pair of shoes to provide healthy cushioning, comfort and, oftentimes, arch support. They are highly recommended to help alleviate discomfort that stems from common foot conditions like plantar fasciitis, flat feet, over pronation and sensitivity caused from conditions like diabetes. In addition, doctors often advise individuals with bad knees and ankles to wear an orthotic because these inserts are also made to absorb step by step shock. Browse through Orthotic Shop’s gathering and discover the perfect orthotic insole for you – no matter what you may need them for!

Our orthotic selection is broken down into three diverse categories to help make your decision easier.

Custom Orthotics: Check out our selection of custom orthotics if you have been advised to get an orthotic that will mold to the unique contours, curves and shapes of your foot. These custom shoe insoles are especially useful for those with diagnosed foot conditions, athletes and individuals who are constantly on their feet. You won’t find a more personalized fit anywhere else. We sell kits that take an impression of your foot as well as insoles that are heat moldable - meaning you can change the shape of them by using heat.

Arch Supports & Shoe Inserts:This section includes a number of high-quality orthotics that will help relieve aches and pains caused by most common foot conditions. For sandals, dress shoes, sneakers, children, supination management and more, you’ll find an array of orthotics that will fit into many different types of footwear and used for all kinds of activities.

Turn your favorite shoes into healthy footwear with custom orthotic insoles and arch support inserts. Choose from a variety of well-respected brands in several different sizes and styles to find the insoles that will help you walk comfortably all day long.

If you suffer from plantar fasciitis, diabetes, or you’re someone who’s is constantly standing or running about, pick up a pair of orthotic insoles and for an affordable aid that will reduce the strain on your whole foot. If you play a lot of sports, or maintain an active lifestyle, try a pair of arch support insoles to manage most foot strain. No matter what your orthopedic needs, Orthotic Shop has an insole to meet them. If you’re unsatisfied with your selection, you may return the orthotic arch support insoles at no additional cost.