Orthofeet Women's Biosole-gel Sport Insoles

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Orthofeet Women's BioSole-GEL Sport Insole

The Orthofeet BioSole-GEL Sport Insole is truly an insert unlike any other. Engineered with an innovative viscoelastic gel and polyurethane foam-filled pouch, this orthotic provides a unique comfort and stability through the length of your foot, to your knees and lower back. Additionally, this Orthfeet insole properly aligns your foot, promoting foot health and preventing common injuries. Ideal for those accustom to extended bouts of standing, slide in a new pair of BioSole Insoles and feel the extraordinary support. 

Health Benefits:

  • With repeated wear, the insole will mold perfectly to the shape of wearer's foot.
  • GEL padding and trampoline design diminishes heel pain and provides superb cushioning.
  • Designed for athletic sneakers, cleats, walking shoes and active footwear.
  • Polyester mesh lining wipes away perspiration and increases air circulation throughout the day.

Manufacturer Details:

  • Available in men's full sizes 7-14 and women's 5-12.
  • If you are a half-size, we recommend going down a size.  
  • Fits most shoes with excess room or a removable insole.
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