Vionic Active Orthotic Insoles with Orthaheel Support

Price: $39.95 - $44.95

Orthaheel Active Orthotics

Take control of your feet with Orthaheel Active Orthotics. Designed to help you manage stability, this orthotic gives you the power to run or power walk with the ultimate ease. Don't let your feet hold you back; insert a pair of Orthaheel Active Orthotics into your favorite sneakers today!

Health Benefits:

  • Relieves pain in the heels, knees, back, and legs.
  • Tri-Planar Motion control and 4 degree wedge at rear foot deters pronation.
  • EVA orthotic with hardened plastic adds stability and balance control as you stroll.
  • Soft heel shock dot aids in step by step shock absorption.

Manufacturer Details:

  • Compatible with most athletic shoes.
  • EcoFresh anti-bacterial odor absorption keeps orthotics fresh.
  • Easy to trim, if you need to accommodate your footwear.
  • Accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association.
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