Joybees Varsity Lined Clog - Unisex - Comfy Clog with Arch Support

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Joybees Varsity Lined Clog - Unisex - Comfy Clog with Arch Support. Joybee's athletic-inspired clog is ready for cooler temps with its removable, machine washable faux shearling liner. Whether you're out for a sunset stroll or grabbing a hot cup of joe, your feet will stay nice and cozy.

Features & Benefits of the Joybees Varsity Lined Clog - Unisex - Comfy Clog with Arch Support

  • Durability and grip with hexagon outsole and innovative design.
  • Massaging Arch Support. Activates while you walk providing relief and comfort.
  • Ease throughout your day with a transitional shoe for any occasion. Perfect for cooler weather
  • Comfortable. Starting from the ground up, we layer support, cushioning, and support.
  • Easy On & Off. Designed for ease and speed for the mom on-the-go.
  • Odor Resistant. Our closed-cell material resists bacteria that would permeate the material and cause bad smells.
  • Easy to Clean. After a long day of play a little soap and water go a long way.
  • Honeycomb Pillow Insoles. Act like a pillow top mattress giving you that sink in softness.
  • Removable, machine washable faux shearling liner.
  • Honeycomb Outsoles. A go-to grip pattern that maximizes grip and durability.
  • Lightweight. Shoes made to wear all day and feel like you are wearing nothing.
  • Joybees are made of EVA, which will shrink if exposed to heat. We advise keeping your shoes out of direct sunlight and excessive heat. For example, don't leave them on the front seat of a hot car while at soccer practice. But don't worry! They won't shrink while you're wearing them!
  • Soft & Supportive. Make your feet feel secure with every step.
  • Accommodating Fit. Joybees shoes are designed to have an accommodating fit. They fit a variety of wider and mid-sized feet similar to crocs, all while remaining comfy and snug on the feet.
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