DoctorInsole HighStep - Women's Orthotics for Heels

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The Women's DoctorInsole HighStep features maximum arch support and foot stabilization – whether you’re wearing heels to a business meeting or a girl’s night out. This orthotic insole is uniquely designed to prevent your ankle from rolling and an arch that elevates the bones behind the toes, relieving pressure from the ball of the foot. Science aside, the HighStep is bound to be your heel's best friend.

Features & Benefits of the DoctorInsole® Women's HighStep™

  • Designed for closed in shoes with a heel of 2 1/2 inches or more.
  • Special slim cut design especially made for women’s feet. Polypropylene shell cut from the 1st to the 3rd metatarsal for increased lateral stability; layered with memory foam for a custom-like fit and a synthetic leather top cover.
  • Shell is designed to offload pressure from sensitive areas of the feet.
  • Finished with a synthetic black suede bottom for lasting protection and prevention of slippage.
  • Helps align the lower limbs which may alleviate problems associated with achilles tendinitis, ankle sprains, bunions, freiberg's disease, hammertoes, lower back pain, metatasalgia, neuroma, plantar fasciitis, posteriror tibial weakness, shin splints, and tired feet.
  • The Women's HighStep is great for work, dining, dancing, and other activities that involve wearing a heeled shoe.
  • DoctorInsole orthotic insoles have a "break in" period. While wearing, they will take an impression of your foot while matching it to the neutral shell. In a day or two, they will contour to your feet and soften with time and wear allowing your body to adjust to the correction.