Chung Shi DUX - Unisex Comfort Clogs with Arch Support

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The Dux is not your everyday plastic clog. It has superior arch support and a resilient heel, providing such great comfort that the wearer says "ahhh!". This makes the Dux perfect for anyone with heel or foot pain. Also, unlike any competing product, it is laboratory-verified to be free of toxins known to cause health problems. We call the Dux our "heel spur" shoe because of its combined softness and bounce-back effect, making it a joy to wear at night, around the house, in the garden, at the beach, or about anywhere!

Features & Benefits of the Chung-Shi Unisex DUX Clogs with Arch Support

  • Superior arch, large toe box and terrific heel support, especially good for heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, Morton’s Neuroma, and diabetic feet.
  • Simultaneously, great softness for people with painful feet. RESILIENCY PLUS SOFTNESS. We combine softness with a bounce-back effect.
  • No harmful chemicals, unlike virtually all competitors.
  • Thermo-reactive; they conform to the bottom of your feet through wear.
  • Offers a unique pressure relief and reduces fatigue.
  • Patented EVA composition
  • Greate for relief of heel pain and overall comfort.