Apex A-Wave Orthotics for Low, Medium, or High Arches

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Flex, Firm or X-Firm: Three Levels of Support

Knowing your arch type helps you select the right orthotics for your feet. Choosing the right orthotics not only reduces and prevents injury and discomfort, but they will provide the personalized comfort, support, motion control and alignment you need from the ground up.

Benefits of Apex A-Wave Orthotic Insoles

  • Flex: The Orange Insole is great for Medium to High Arches. Flex A-Wave delivers medium to high, flexible arch support to help with motion control and shock absorption.
  • Firm: The Green Insole is great for all arch types. Firm A-Wave provides firm cushioning support and stability for low, medium & high arch types. This insole is suitable for all arch types.
  • X-Firm: The Purple Insole is ideal for Low to Medium arches. X-Firm A-Wave distributes more aggressive support for low to medium arches to add balance and cushion to alleviate pressure from heel and forefoot, and align joints and spine.
  • Shock Absorption & Reduction.
  • Helps Prevent Calluses.
  • Lateral Knee Pain Relief.
  • Apex A-Wave orthotic assists with pain relief, comfort, and enhanced stability in three durometers - Flex, Firm & XFirm to support your arch type.
  • Made with the most advanced memory foam, thermo-plastic resins and supportive gels on the market for maximum comfort & accommodation
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